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Meet the captivating GITTA DE RIDDER, whose musical journey has taken her from the Dutch ‘new lands’ of Flevoland to the heart of the British indie-folk scene. She creates songs that touch the soul, a true antidote for any heart in need. Gitta's enchanting presence has been likened to a fusion of Joni Mitchell's depth and Mary Poppins' charm, radiating love, warmth, and introspection. Inspired by her musings on cultural identity, she embarked on an 8-month odyssey across Europe culminating in her 3rd album, the 8-track masterpiece 'To Our Children,' a melodic treasure capturing the essence of her wanderings. With a sound that resonates echoes of Paul Simon's 'Graceland' and the early releases of Scandinavian songstress Ane Brun. Gitta's music embraces simplicity and purity, each note a captivating tale of human connection with ourselves and others. As she works on her highly anticipated 4th studio album, her audience eagerly awaits the next chapter of her soulful journey.

“Feathers is a holistic singer-songwriting performance of the highest order, gentle, simple yet ultimately stunning” || 4* R2 Magazine ||

“In a world where there’s no shortage of fine female singer/songwriters, make no mistake, de Ridder’s up there with the best of them” || ‘Acoustic Magazine UK’ ||

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