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To Our Children
a work in progress

In Oct. '18 I'll be returning to Penfold Cottage Studios in Suffolk, UK, to lay down the back-bones of a new album. On the road during my 7 months of travelling following (through France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Zwitserland and Germany before returning home to the Netherlands in Spring '19) I will record additional instruments and parts with musicians from all over Europe

The album talks of the stories of generations, of community, of the world we live in and that we're creating, and the child we all carry inside of us.

I'm going travelling and I'm taking with me....

My home, my man and.... well, hopefully/maybe you... and 31 others....                                               14/09/2018

In only a little more than 3 weeks the man and I are setting out on our 7 month trip around Europe. On the 8th of October we're driving our re-build postal truck onto a boat that will take us from the Dutch lands to the UK. I'll be in the studio with Stephen Hodd (who produced 'For Everything a Season') in the Suffolk country side for the first part, recording the backbones of a new record called 'To Our Children'. Then doing some UK shows. After this we're taking the boat over to France to then make our way through Spain, Portugal, Italy, Zwitserland and Germany. I'll be gigging and recording additional 'European culture' for the record along the way. The new album is due to be fully recorded by the time we're back in the Netherlands mid Spring '19.


My man (Joris, who's travelling with me, and driving our home-on-wheels that he build) and I are both massively looking forward to it, yet simultaneously already sad to leave what we build in the last months in the Dutch Lands behind. But as we say in the Netherlands 'What's in the barrel doesn't go sour' And I'm sure we'll come back to the bed laid as we left it, so to speak, as our actual bed is coming with us which fills me with joy. Life in our 'home-on-wheels' seems to suit me very well indeed. I'm loving it so far!

So I'm leaving 'homeland' for a while, and also plan to leave 'digiland' for a while too. At least for the biggest part as I feel I need a serious digital detox (I think most of us do...) So while we're out travelling, I'll be quiet to the outside digital world. So I have stories to tell after. Lots of stories.

BUT I wanted to invite a select few (32 of you to be exact) along with me! Like with the previous record but different. And well, it would mean because of you I can make this new record and you'll be credited as such.
We're visiting 8 countries, in each of those countries I'm making 4 wooden (locally sourced) CD cases and will hand-paint them (they'll be much bigger than regular CD cases... so pretty to put on a shelve!). They'll have details on materials used and where I found them, and a pocket inside for the postcards that I will send you from each of the countries I visit during our travels. So 8 postcards, a hand-made unique record which would be an artwork in itself and access to a personal private travel-log that we're keeping for our family, just so they know we're still alive, then you will too :-) Plus once the record comes out your names will be in the credits.

I've worked out that if each of the 32 of you that want to 'travel along' would spend £100 I'd have nearly fully paid for the entire audio-making part (record/mix/master) of the record, and for the actual postcards and postage. Which would be absolutely amazing and the biggest support and help ever. But I felt this would exclude some of you that would really like to sign up but don't have that sort of money. So I figured the best approach would be asking for a £59 minimum with the ability to add a donation to the extend you wish to additionally support the making of this record. The £59 covers the £20 cost for postcards/postage and £39 for the handmade CD case with the album.

Release plans are for late '19 at the earliest, but I'm aiming to send you the finished album by late Spring '19. So if you want to join us on this mad travelling trip, and have the new record way before it's released......

At the PayPal link here you can order in and choose whether you pay the £59 or more. Either way you'll be the biggest support ever and I'll be thrilled to send you cards from lovely places and the music in prettiness when it's done :-)


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