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For the past years, I’ve been using good old real post as part of my musical projects to try have a more tangible and personal connection with my followers than just via the internet. I believe real post, something to look at on the wall or on the dresser, brings so much more than an e-mail or an image on a computer screen! I'm sure we all agree on this :-) And with that, I’ve had a dream. One of making a real post-out newsletter. One I now call ‘The Happy Current’ which will bring stories of good-news, of musical inspirations, of inspiring things, of poetry and above all looks pretty enough to hang up on a wall. I’ve been digging deep into my brain to think of ways to do this, of ways to finance it. When the solution was right there under my nose! Patreon! Hello you, hello me, hello monthly subscription service! YAY!

So I’m treating this as a ‘dual-function-connector’ one that will facilitate ‘The Happy Current’, and one that will give a direct lifeline between you, and me. So I can continue to bring you my music, videos, drawings, stories and more. You choosing to be part of my Patreon Family would just mean the absolute world to me! Especially in these times when surviving as an artist is increasingly challenging.

So what am I offering on Patreon:
- Access to patron-only posts, messages and content.
- Quarterly physical patron-only newsletter 'THE HAPPY CURRENT' (a2 print - once   I've reached my first 25 Patreons target!)
- Exclusive pre-sales and discounts (like VIP concert-tickets and merch)
- Entry into monthly post-card draw (Yes yes, I'll send out a couple of custom made postcards each month! Surprise post is always the best!)
- Access to live-stream concerts and new song previews
- Early access to upcoming releases with free downloads (incl. my upcoming 3rd album 'To Our Children') + selected downloads of back-catalogue
- Access to live Q&A's and chats
- Quarterly custom-framed artwork price draw
- Work-in-progress updates incl. snippets/previews

I hope you'll join me on this new venture and I look forward to sharing all this with you!!


Full steam ahead now! Hop aboard if you like, I'd love for you to come along!
x Gitta x

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