|| Music News || New single, Autumn touring and EP matters...

Hello lovely friends!

Glad to find you here :-) I have some things for you - the first of which above here - a song for you to hear!! The 1st official || For Everything a Season || single will be out fully (on Spotify and iTunes and such) on the 22nd of October but sneakily you can already tuck in here!

For those of you subscribed to the boxset sadly not a new song as this one is on the SPRING ep, BUT the AUTUMN ep will be with you soooon! So 3 new songs for your ears are coming!

Physical delivery will be a touch delayed due to my autumn touring activities and being unable to post them out before it starts - but they will be in the post to you as soon as I'm back in London town! The tracks however will be with you digitally around the end of next week!!

If you're keen to know more about this and want to have the above song and 8 more of the upcoming album's tracks already waaaay before the album's actually out come have a look HERE and subscribe!

So just now I mentioned autumn touring,..... aaaaaaaaah I am SO EXCITED about the upcoming run of shows - lots of lovely and interesting places to play like The Green Note in Camden, London where it's all kicking of with my launch show on the 22nd of October. For this show I have some awesome musical guests joining me amongst which The Magic Lantern who I've been a fan of for some time and have been wanting to see live for a while, what better way?!

Only 20 odd tickets left - Get yours here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/408217

Then on to the loveliest beer-store in Utrecht, NL - A show in Winschoten, NL that includes cups of homemade soup along side Dutch artist Kira Dekker - Kira Dekker and Jeanne Rouwendaal joining me for Amsterdam's Sound of Songs at 'De Nieuwe Anita' - A show in a beautiful old library in Wageningen, NL - A cosy book-shop in Arnhem, NL - And a short run of shows with Linah Rocio in Switzerland before she and Rosemary & Garlic are joining me for a little UK 'Sound of Songs' tour which brings us to Brighton (Hove), Oxford and London. With some radio appearances, family visits and friendly chats over coffees to be had along the way.

Tickets and more info here: www.gittaderidder.com/tour

That's all for now - I hope you enjoy listening to - My Dear, Oh Boy, Oh Man - and if you do please share and once it's on Spotify and all that you're more than welcome to add it to your Spotify-playlists, tell friends and all that kinda stuff ;-)

I hope to catch you all somewhere along the way and in the mean time wishing you some joyful autumn days of taking in the beautiful colours, walking through the fallen leaves, having cups of tea and pumpkin soup.. If you like that stuff that is....

Lots of love

x Gitta x

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