|| Music News || New music, tour dates and travel plans. Are you coming with me?

Hello, Ciao, Ola, Hoi!

|| 'New' music out Today! ||

It's another one of those - start of journey, end of journey - moments and in looking back on the last 2 years of the 'For Everything a Season' journey I wanted to share a final piece of the puzzle being a B-Side release that came out TODAY! Digital only, and to be found here -> https://fanlink.to/GdRbsides In going through the original demo's for the record I found myself drawn to seeing what would happen if we'd mix a few. And so it happened that Stephen Hodd (producer of the album) made them sound like something I felt I could share. I love how they're so messy and raw and how the space I recorded in sounds so alive. Also I had so many requests to put 'Baby Darling Blue' up that I couldn't resist. The demo's were recorded in a friend's secluded farm in 'Rutten' (in the Dutch Newlands) in December '16 when I stayed there for a few weeks looking after the cat/dog/home, finding solitude, regaining energy and finding new perspectives in a very transitional time. I wrote the final tracks and demo'd the full record in their beautiful barn-space and it was such a valuable part of the process for me! I'm glad to share some of that with you now :-)

|| On my disappearance || & || How you can come along ||

In only a little more than 3 weeks the man and I are setting out on our 7 month trip around Europe. With the UK being our first stop. I'll be in the studio in Suffolk for the first part making a start on a new record (called 'To Our Children'), doing a run of UK shows, then taking the boat over to France to start our trip towards Spain, Portugal, Italy, Zwitserland and Germany finishing back in the Netherlands mid. Spring '19. I'll be gigging, busking and recording additional 'European culture' for the new record along the way. So I'm leaving 'homeland' for a while, and also plan to leave 'digiland' for a while too. At least for the biggest part as I feel I need a serious digital detox (I think most of us do...) So while we're out travelling, I'll be quiet. So I have stories to tell after. Lots of stories. BUT I wanted to invite a select few (32 of you to be exact) 'along' with me! Like with the previous record but different. And with even more fun real-letterbox-post! If you're curious about what that entails come have a read here -> www.gittaderidder.com/to-our-children We're both massively looking forward to the travels, yet simultaneously already feel sad to leave what we build in the last months in the Dutch Lands behind. But as we say in the Netherlands 'What's in the barrel doesn't go sour' And I'm sure we'll come back to the bed laid as we left it, so to speak, as our actual bed is coming with us which fills me with joy. Life in 'home-on-wheels' seems to suit me very well indeed. I'm loving it so far!

|| Where you can find me before I leave.. ||

I have some lovely gigs coming up still in The Netherlands and the UK, if you're near, come say hello/goodbye? More details HERE

Thank you so much for reading and I'm sincerely hoping to see you along the way or hear from you!

x Gitta x


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