|| Music News || Final 7 days of Crowdfunding & So excited to announce these tour dates! AND vid

Oh hello lovely people!

A little bit of a mixed bag of late with so much going on, I hadn't quite planned everything to fall together as it has with the Crowdfunding running so close to the album release, but hey, life sometimes throws at us what it will and sometimes planning gets messed about like crazy. Apologies if all a little overwhelming :-) I'll save further details for a 'Dear Diary' post soon!

So a few things for you here and I'll try keep it short and sweet:

The CROWDFUNDING campaign is in it's final 7 days, and with 42% in I'm feeling so insanely grateful for all your support!! The Album is actually out in 10 days now! eeeeeek! And if you wanted to help me get through this last bit please have a look over at www.gittaderidder.com/foreverythingaseason

Then..... TOUR DATES whooooh! The SPRING tour shall commence rather soon with many exciting shows in the diary, I hope you can join me (and/or my band-folks) for one! Info/Tickets at www.gittaderidder.com/tour

And finally... A NEW VIDEO/SINGLE called 'Forever in Your Heart' came out last week! I'm sure you caught sight/ear of 'The Wheel ' already but there is another track for you to find :-) You can pre-order the album on iTunes HERE if you prefer that over crowdfunding-downloads or want iTunes versions too, I know some of you lovely crazies have in fact purchased both ;-) Amazing. The video below for you to find and send to you with a ton of love:

And with that such gratitude for reading and listening and I hope to see you somewhere along the road soon!


x Gitta

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