|| Dear Diary || The final 3 days of crowdfunding, stories, and the smiles I'm smiling.

I thought rather than to just write another music update, to make this update a little more personal - the 'Dear Diary' has been a touch barren of late.

Hey, so, today is Saturday, and I'm sat in my room between half packed boxes for moving, pre-packed parcels for posting, large bags of stuff to take to charity and all sorts of other 'untidy' nonsense :-) Doing an album release simultaneously with a country/house move is an insane idea, but I seem to have many of those.

The main thought between all this that keeps coming to mind the last few days, after I manage to let go of the stress of managing to get to some kind of crowdfund-target or not, is: "I feel so insanely grateful that I might just explode with love" that. Oh gosh THANK YOU all so much for all the support around this album. It's amazing. Truly. I'm blown away by the amount of kindness en generosity that's come my way recently. Above a little video with a 'crowdfund update' and with the last 3 days now please do come have a look HERE?

On the more personal side of things; My life has been a roller-coaster of late. Ups and downs. But rarely have I been as aware of how darn lucky I am with all that comes my way as I am right now. The past few years have shown me many dark sides of life, mainly the dark side of my own psyche and abilities to navigate through those, and with learning to accept and allow all these aspects the light is managing to creep in with increasing luminance.

And then, one starts to allow more and more space, and then life unfolds further.

And gosh serendipity.

I make an album with a sailing boat on the front. Get invited to play a beautiful festival that sails around the Dutch islands (Horizontoer, Aug.'17), meet a sailor-man, fall in love, and that was only the beginning. I will write more about some of the personal happenings around that at some other point when I feel more ready to share. But the main thing is; We've bought a re-purposed truck (an old Dutch postal van) re-build into camper and are moving into it in a couple weeks!

Life is about to change! And in quite a massive way! I'm super sad to leave London and the UK as my main base, but know I'll be visiting as much as I can. It's a bitter-sweet goodbye.

We'll be spending most of the next 6 months in the Netherlands, then plan to set off on a 5/6 month journey taking us from the Netherlands back to the UK, then to France, Portugal, along the coast of Spain, through Switzerland and Italy to drive south and cross into Greece, then back up along Bosnia, Croatia, and back towards the Netherlands. Seeing I have played in many of these places before I'm planning to book gigs along the way and free-wheel in between. We might make this trip shorter as we need to see how the truck holds up, but that's the dream for now. What an adventure! And in the mean-time I've been writing the next album that I have a secret plan for already that part ties into the travel plans. So much goodness coming up! Well, let's see how it all unfolds :-) I'm excited to experience and witness it. And I promise to share the journey as we go along over here and on the other online-diary-things such as Instagram and Twitter. Perhaps a Video blog might have to become a reality at some point....

Back to current times though, 6 days from now 'For Everything a Season' will be out and it feels simultaneously as the end of an era as the beginning. I suppose things couldn't tie in better to the themes of the album. I'm so hugely excited to share this record with you all and set it free. These creations tend to fly out and find their own way about. Let's see where it'll fly off to :-) Mainly hopefully into your ears and heart :-)

Counting down full of excitement, anticipation and perhaps a touch of anxiety, but I suppose that's just a part of it one can't quite escape. I'll say bye bye for now.

Sending you a ton of love!

x Gitta

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