|| Music News || 'The Wheel' OUT NOW and 29 crowdfunding days left.....

Oh hello and greetings you lovely people!! Some album/single/video/live-show news for you: I'm so excited to be sharing this new release with you all in the run up to the 'For Everything a Season' album coming out on the 23rd of March! Whaaaaaah so soon! Oh my dear I can't wait to share this record with you all I'm so proud of what we've made and so much of my heart and soul has gone into it! To watch the video click above :-) And for all other online outlets for the single go HERE

In case you missed it, the album - as a Boxset and on 180 grams limited edition Vinyl - the accompanying B'day Calendar, and tons of other goodies are available to pre-order through the Crowdfunding with 29 days more to go over on www.gittaderidder.com/foreverythingaseason. This means you'll have the record in your hands/email before it's officially out! And there's a few of the 'The Wheel' video props available over there too!! One-off's so if you wannum you gotta come gettum ;-) Endless amounts of gratitude to those of you that already supported the release of the new record this way and to those who do so over the next 29 days! And to all of you reading this! I couldn't be doing this without you! Such love for you all!

The launch show tickets are up for sale now too with one in London on the 5th of April at 'The Old Church' in Stoke Newington and one in Almere (near Amsterdam) on the 19th of April at 'Poppodium de Meester' Both places with a big place in my heart, and both are band shows with some wonderful fellow musicians. The UK show together with London friends Hannah Lovell & Laura Frances on backing-vocals, Twm Dylan on bass and Stephen Hodd (who produced the record) on backing-vocals, second guitar, percussion and playing support with his own two-man-band 'Ragged Rebel City'. The show in the Netherlands will be with Kai Liebrand on bass, Leon Schmitz on drums and Matthijs Barnhoorn on various other instruments :-) NL support to be announced. It'll be such a joy! A few last 'Early Bird' tickets available through the Crowdfunding then after that tickets available through the TOUR page on the website HERE. More spring tour dates in the UK and the Netherlands to be announced in the next weeks. That's all from me for now. Thank you so much for reading, for your support and I send you many smiles and a warm heart! x Gitta

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