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|| Music News || First single of the new album is OUT NOW!

Oooh my deary mc-dearenson - The single has been out for 2 days already (since 03/03) and I haven't yet posted here because I've been so busy posting about it everywhere else. Doh! On the small off-chance you haven't spotted it there elsewhere - some words about it are here now also! You can find 'Like a Kite Released' on all your favorite streaming/digital platforms here ->

This is the first track of the 'To Our Children' album - and I'll be posting a new song each month on the day that is equal to the number of the month :-) Seeing this album is hung together with synchronisities and serendipity releasing it in 2020 made me want to play with the fun meanings of 'masternumbers' so hey - more new music on 04/04 - I'm super excited about the months ahead and so full of love for this album coming together thanks to the imput of so many wonderful people! It's quite something special to me this record, so much joy and so many memories to share! I'm sure you'll hear some fun details when you listen closely!

Now tune in and I hope you like the track?!

Much love,

Gitta x

Ps. I have stories to tell you about my upcoming quarterly real-post-newsletter 'The Happy Current' - I will dedicate a post to this soon! For now you can find out more over at

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