|| Music News || 'For Everything a Season' Crowdfunding/Pre-Sale live now! 50 days to go....


Sending you waves and smiles from behind my desk! Thanks for reading and being here!

Yay and Yay the Crowdfunding/Pre-Sale for the new record is live now! £7500 in 50 days. Quite a target! And oh boy quite an expensive project seeing I managed to fund the other half already. The price one pays for ambition and fancy-ness of stuff made :-) I'm equally terrified as excited and my hopes are high for being able to pull this off. And if/when I/we do it's entirely thanks to you lovely people!! And all of you already-subscribed people without whom I wouldn't have even gotten this far with the project. THANKS THANKS THANKS!

The first single 'My Dear, Oh Boy, Oh Man' came out last October. Hopefully you would have already heard it but if not you can listen to it on Spotify or iTunes!

The full Album is coming out on the 23rd of March and and and.. I have more to say about it in the video below. There's a ton of limited edition, one-off and other goodies in the shop which you can check out HERE. I really hope there's something there you like!

As you might have already noticed this campaign is going through my own webstore rather than an established crowdfunding website as this way it's a much more direct link between you lovelies and myself and more money can go into the actual project rather than other party fees. The webstore is linked through PayPal but any of you that don't have PayPal you can use your normal Debit/Credit card to pay as well. Any issues just drop me a line at info@gittaderidder.com and we'll work it out.

So much love and warmth your way!

x Gitta

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