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|| Dear Diary || I’m sick and tired of you 2016, bugger off. But also, thank you, thank you endlessl

So it’s that time of the year, we all look back on the last one with all the highlights and lowlights, forward to the new one with new energy and hopes, sideways to the people next to us that we are ever grateful for to have by our sides, and sideways the other way to the people that have gone missing and disappearing and that should have still been with us right now but they aren’t for whatever reason. Fuck you, life. For taking people away, for breaking things we want to keep whole, for making things hard, for hurting, for being difficult to manage, for being an endless series of goodbye’s, but more so, THANK YOU. For showing us that love rules all of it, that love is what makes it all spin and tick and overflow with intensity and joy and sadness and everything that makes us feel alive. For showing us love has many forms and the best ‘relationships’ can come in unexpected ones. THANK YOU, for teaching us so many lessons, lessons that can mainly be learned through hurting, through falling and through burning ones hand on the fire. THANK YOU, for being here to be experienced through all the ups and downs. THANK YOU for showing us that it is ourselves we need to be friends with most of all. And a personal THANK YOU for still being here with me. I count my blessings to be alive. To have the capacity to hurt, to be able to get angry over this wonky and unbalanced world we live in, to feel sad for the hurt of others, to fall hard but get up again no matter what, to wish for better and kinder and more wholesome. For how else would I be human. Bring it on 2017, all of it, I don’t know what it will throw at me, at you, or at us collectively, it might not be pretty, but it sure as hell will be worth living. I love you. Yes all of you. x

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