|| Music News || New Website, new Releases, new Video, new Season! SPRING is here!

It’s Spring time!! And Today the day will be longer than the night, oh hello hello light! And with that, it’s the official start of the - || For Everything a Season || - Journey.. A year of new music leading the way to the release of the new Album in Spring 2018. The first Boxset Subscription EP will be coming your way soooon, and if you haven’t gotten on board yet but you want to be and hear all the tracks that will be on the Album before it’s out anywhere and get exciting post brought to you by the post-woman/man with each season, venture here for Shop and Info matters -> www.gittaderidder.com/music

And on the news front, not only that....

To not yet forget about 'Feathers' my first Album, which came out exactly 6 months ago today, there is also a bit of a Video treat in store for you in the next weeks!! We (Hannah Lovell and myself) spend the last weekend filming and footage-sculpting and I'm so pleased with what we've made! Stay tuned, stay tuned! Not gonna tell you which song yet... you will have to wait ;-) Not long!

How do you like the new website? I spend a bit of time re-designing and re-making and photo-shopping and here's the results. I hadn't done any design updates on this since the website went live late 2014, so it was about time. Lots of exciting gigs in the UK and the Netherlands coming up with gig-listings and ticket links at the TOUR section and a few lovely new images and videos to find at the GALLERY section. Have a little explore and look around, welcome to my new digital home!

Back to - || For Everything a Season || -

This first Boxset EP is about new beginnings and letting go of what holds us back.

There is so much to come, so much to do, so much to take in, to savour and to appreciate. Yet it’s so hard not to feel weighed down by all that was, all that we imagined to be, all that we wish we could have done differently. But there is no time like the present, to be and breathe fully. To forgive and let go. To realise that we only ever have this day.

The 3 tracks on this first BoxSet part (‘My Dear, Oh Boy, Oh Man’ ’These Hands’ and ‘Restless as a Bird’) are about heartbreak, forgiveness and the freedom that can be found in starting all over again.

The cover artwork, here only the Spring EP artwork, was inspired by the River Deben along which the cottage lies where we are recording the Album. Most of the recording is done already! One more trip to lovely Suffolk in the diary... Such a beautiful place of the world!

And finally, to satisfy some of your potential and much welcomed curiosity, here is one of the SPRING EP tracks performed with the band in the Netherlands last December for Groofz Enschede.

Gitta de Ridder - My Dear, Oh Boy, Oh Man

Much love and warmth,

x Gitta x

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