|| Music News || All sorts of exciting stuff to tell you!

Hello there !

Just a few of things I really wanted to tell you about today... forgetting about snap-elections, environmental disasters and political insanity for a little while.... soooo.... Here goes.. :-)

Firstly: The SPRING EP is now available!!!! 3 brand new tracks of || For Everything a Season || the upcoming album, have been send out digitally to Subscribers this last week, and you can have them in your inbox too! And then another 3 tracks this Summer, and 3 more in Autumn, and 3 more in Winter! The collections-box and first physical EP will be posted out late May. I couldn't be making this 2nd album without your support, it's the fans that give music the space to exist, and it's amazing to have so many join the journey already allowing me to fund recording the songs and getting them out there! Your added support would mean the world to me and help me pay for them expensive but oh-so-pretty limited-edition boxset boxes!!

You can find info, join the journey and subscribe here -> http://gittaderidder.bigcartel.com/

Secondly: WE WON THE AMAZING RADIO 'Audition' VOTE! Thank you all SO MUCH for voting! 'Till the Day That I Die' is now added to this weeks rotation playlist! So many smiles were smiled here yesterday when I got the results in! Did you catch the video for it? If not, it's here:

Thirdly: I am so thrilled to announce that on the 17th of June I will be playing Mañana Mañana Festival in The Netherlands, a beauty of a festival and I'm feeling honoured to be added to their line-up!! Their website and info is here: http://www.mananamanana.eu/artiesten/gitta-de-ridder-nlgb/ And then last but not least: This Monday I'm playing a headline show at The Finsbury - London. And this time it's not just me! I have a band joining me! This has gotten me so excited that I just had to share this with you here. UK band yay! I love playing music with the guys in The Netherlands you have seen me play with on videos and such and whenever I can I will keep doing so when there, but moving them about countries is just not quite do-able. So here we are, a whole new 'England' division for my musical live-appearances. Welcoming Twm Dylan on Bass and Billy Brown on Drums onto the stage with me and for this one I will also be joined by some extra female voices for added beauty! I'd love for you to join us too! As part of the audience that is ;-) Tickets and more info are here: http://www.thefinsbury.co.uk/listings/2017/5/8/lost-in-the-manor-gitta-de-ridder-guests

Keeping this as short and sweet as I can, that's all for now. I hope to see you at one of the upcoming gigs soon (check listings HERE) or to find your name in my subscribers list for the || For Everything a Season || journey! Because, well, yeh, that would be lovely :-) Tons of love, x Gitta x

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