|| Dear Diary || Ramblings 'from me' from my mums sofa about stuff I enjoyed lately

Oh yes, it's time. For a little diary update.

It's 11pm, Tuesday, I'm actually quite tired after a long day of meetings and musical admin-work but am committed to writing this. If I start rambling, speaking Dutch or generally seem to be losing the plot you know why ;-) I will share stories and a few images to go along with them!

So I came to The Netherlands last Thursday after a couple weeks of musical madness and fun... like... lots..... see... -> -> -> -> (these should somehow be downwards arrows but I can't seem to make that work... this'll do.)

I played 3 gigs at the Weald & Downlands Food and Folk festival at the start of May which was amazing and my first time renting a car in the UK and driving around the South Downs. I was so nervous about first time UK driving but it went fine, other than the flat tire, which wasn't my fault. Silly screw wanted to make friends with tire a little too badly.

It was so lovely to explore not-before-explored-English-coutryside (that totally is supposed to be written like that. I know this because my inner-grammer-teacher-person told me so...) Me and my companion that came along with me went for a few walks, had some tasty fish and chips, made some new friends, and to top it all off I got to do what I love doing most; play music.

AND while I was out there, 'Till the Day That I Die' won play-listing over on Amazing Radio (Thanks to you guys for voting!) AND the track got played on London's BBC introducing. Yay!

The pictures are things I saw around the South Downs and things that saw me.

Then I came back to London to do rehearsals with a new Bassist (Twm Dylan) and Drummer (Billy Brown) I recently met and my two friends Laura Frances and Hannah Lovell who sang with me for the gig at The Finsbury on Monday the 8th of May. This was fun! I was stupidly nervous for the gig. Seems I kinda lost touch with my normal stage state of mind and being but as always playing the music and chatting to you lovely people that came out to listen was a joy!

Before that though - on Sunday the 7th of May - I went to the Lexington to see Rachel Ries and Ruth Theodore play BLOODY AMAZING sets. They were SO GOOD! seriously. I was quite blown away. Lucky me Rachel needed a place to stay - I had met her before, she's lovely - and she crashed at mine. Which resulted in a Monday morning cover-song-session of one of my favourite tunes 'Courage' by 'Villagers'. Check out the video above if you want to hear it! Really loved playing this song with her! Also really love the sound of Dickens 'Bleak House' novel/drum-book that my friend made for me. A rare instrument and Rachel played it well :-)

Then on the Wednesday night before my flight over here I managed to catch 'C Duncan' play a show at the Islington Assembly Hall. I love these guys so much! We played together a couple of years ago at the 'Irregular folk Festival' in Oxford and managed to stay in touch. Last time our paths crossed was at Eurosonic in Jan. 2016. So it was about time! So glad to have seen them!!

Photos in order of appearance for previously mentioned events and events yet to be mentioned.

| C Duncan, live in concert | Mums-Memory-Lane | My little niece and I |

Sooooooo.... yes... that was before I came to the Netherlands. This last weekend here in the Dutchlands was actually fairly quiet. I celebrated my Bonus-Mums birthday with the family, spend a day with my mum for Mothers-Day and caught up on a bit of writing/reading/admin. Did my regular Pilates things, went for a walk/run, played Guinea Pig for my friend practising for Shiatsu massage course exams. That kinda thing.

Yesterday and Today were musical meeting days! SO MANY PLANS! aaaaah! I'm so extremely excited yet at times it feels my head might explode and I get totally overwhelmed with not knowing the best routes to take. Lots of tour-planning happening at the moment. And working out exact deals/plans around my upcoming record.

The SPRING ep is 'out' already. Love the 3 tracks on there so much! If you haven't yet and would like to have them tracks do check out the Boxset subscribtion/info/stuff -> HERE <-

I shall write a post soon telling you more about the songs and such!

Boxset-box & SPRING ep are actually delivered to my London home TOMORROW so as soon as I'm back in London next week I'm gonna be posting them babies out to Boxset Subscribers! I honestly can't wait to see them. Excited yet terrified they somehow won't look how I intended, something went wrong with the CD/Track Order or that they all broke in transit.. I'm sure, and I hope, it will all be great! Yes it will! Got to have faith.

Images References | My serious face | b&w SPRING ep | The reservoir near my London home |

So before I go to bed, cause oh my, my brain is not quite functioning any more, I hope some of you can come find me out at one of the shows coming up over the rest of this week!

Tomorrow I'm in Utrecht playing a Sofar Sounds show. Thursday I have more musical meetings in Amsterdam. Friday I'm playing at 'T Podium' in Hilvarenbeek, Saturday at 'BuitenFestival Almere' and Sunday I'm running the Amsterdam 'Sound of Songs' #SoS at 'De Nieuwe Anita' this time with 'Elenne May' and 'Timo de Jong' whom I can't wait to hear/meet/see. Here's a poster. And below are my goodbyes.

Much love x Gitta x

PS. This life oh dear this life. I know it ain't always easy out there, and in there (our minds... oh my...) but I guess a passion for life and the journey can take us on roads we could have never dreamed off, or we could have dreamt them but never believed them to possibly become real. But they totally can be! Thank you all for your support and for allowing mine to become a reality!!

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